Water Filtration

With Ecofiltro we are able to provide an economical (only $35 !) and user friendly portable water filter. Clean water can be at the fingertips of each family member.  With 10 gallons of water filtered each day (for up to four years!), there is plenty of water available for drinking and cooking. The mothers are thrilled to see their children come into the house and drink cups of clean water.  The incidents of dysentery and diarrhea are resolved and no wood is used to boil the water.  Previously half of the wood supply used per day was to boil their water. Ecofiltro is internationally recognized as an effective and time tested filter.

Enjoy this 2 1/2 minute video of the making of the water filters at the Ecofilter water factory in Antiqua Guatemala, by Guatemalans:

Ecofiltro v.1.3 from skycamguatemala on Vimeo.

How it Works:

See how they are made:  (only 3 minutes)

Kiln to Bake Clay Filters: