How You Can Help

Monetary Donations
The funds we raise go towards purchasing water filtration systems and Eco stoves.  These are items every American family can afford to help us purchase.  The water system is only $35.  The Eco stoves are $125.  This would be a great opportunity for your children to learn how to serve others.  Have them save their allowance to help a Guatemalan family have clean water to drink.  They can save a child's life.  The number one cause of death of children under five in Guatemala is dysentery/diarrhea due to contaminated water.

We will send you a photo of the family that receives your water filtration system and/or your Eco stove

Involve your Family and Friends
Do you, members of your family, or friends belong to organizations that look for service opportunities?  Share this with them.

Become Involved

1.  Join us on one of our trips to Guatemala so you can see for yourself how the work is progressing (we go quarterly)
2.  Help us raise funds by putting on your own charity event (children can donate earnings from a lemonade stand, have a bake sale, etc.)
3.  Why not join our group?  If you live in San Diego, it's a no brainer.  If you like what we do join us. 
    a. The dues are $35 (which buys a water filter system and you get a photo of the family who gets it)
    b. There is no other financial obligation (unless you want to donate more). 
    c. There are no hours requirements (you are not required to attend our quarterly meetings, but we'd love to see you)
    d. We don't do galas, auctions, or any particular fund raisers (we are going after corporate funds)
    e.  All ages are welcome (we consider it a family organization)
    f.  Still unsure?  Then join for FOMO (Fear of missing out!)

Help us obtain Corporate Sponsors
If you know of any corporations who have set aside money to contribute, but haven't decided yet where that money is best spent, refer them to our website.

Do you know how to apply for Federal Grants?
We need your expertise.   E-mail Jeri Johnson:

Send Donations To:

(Checks payable to:)

Maya Relief Foundation
PO Box 1707 (5076 El Mirlo)
Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067

(your donation is tax deductible - you will receive a receipt for your contribution)

Adding Fun