Guatemala: What We Are Doing:

The Maya Relief Foundation has been working in Guatemala for over 10 years.  Here is one of their favorite projects:

"We came upon a community of about 500 families isolated in a valley with no road access to the outside world.  It is the Chamá community.  It takes 6-8 hours to walk out to the nearest town.  We worked with the community for about 5 years installing efficient stoves, starting micro-businesses, sustainable large scale gardens and, our favorite, built a new school.  Only a few students were attending school in the two remaining rooms of a school that had fallen apart over the years.  There was no electricity in the community.  All building materials for the new school had to be carried in on the backs of men in the community, like bags of cement, tools, cinder blocks and the like.  Early on, a Christian missionary family offered to fly in materials that were too heavy to carry.  They only asked that gasoline for the plane be paid.  The men in Chamá provided labor under the supervision of a contractor brought in. Once the new school was finished, so many children wanted to attend that Maya Relief installed a solar system so night school could be held.   The only bathroom at the old school was a large hole in the ground with a board across it and corrugated metal around the hole to allow for minimal privacy.  On one occasion Jon Gunderson and his son, Ryan, went into Chamá with us.   Ryan was in such need that he braved to use the school “toilet”.  After a few seconds, there was a loud crash.  The board he was standing on broke and poor Ryan fell into the hole!  Right there the decision was made to install six formal toilets, the first ever seen in Chamá.   The families were so proud of their school, they somehow made traditional school uniforms for their children. "

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