This efficient wood burning stove is the hub and core of what is provided each family for self sustainability.  The stove gives the immediate benefits of improved health, time availability, resource saving and efficiency. This latest Eco-stove can cook 24 tortillas at once on its larger plancha (cook top).  Multiple pots can be cooking simultaneously or a large nixtamalera pot can be used on top as well.  Time and wood are saved as the stove is so much more efficient than the open fire.  The women immediately comment on the clean air around their stove.  Respiratory illnesses decline dramatically. Their children no longer complain of irritated eyes from the smoke and toxins.  Burns that were common with the fire on the floor are now all but eliminated.  The women do not spend all their day from early morning to late evening tending and stoking their fire.  They are able to light up and use their Eco-stoves quickly and cleanly.  They use 70% less fire wood, as the stove is so much more effective in burning all the wood without the loss of energy in the form of smoke and gases.  The cook stove also has a flue to channel any smoke or gases that might remain, out of the house. What was once the biggest problem for the Maya family, is now solved with an clean burning cook stove that is unanimously praised by the women.

The stoves cost $125, but when we install a stove we also provide the family with a water filtration  system - so the cost of the stove combo is $160

Note:  The Women-2-Women organization was organized in February, 2013 and by the end of April, 2013 we had installed 500 stove combos!!!  (our goal was 1,000 a year - we hope to triple that!)