Stats & Photos

Man carrying firewood.
He weighs 100 lbs.  the
weighs 180 lbs.
He makes 3-4 trips daily

Girl carrying water from
well to her home.

Who We Are:

We are an offshoot of The Maya Relief Foundation whose Mission is to give time, talents and resources to help poverty-stricken families become self-sufficient. 

The mission of the Women 2 Women organization is to help women in Guatemala and Mexico by joining our talents and skills in completing basic improvements to their lives.  We will extend a hand to them by funding such items as water purifiers for families and prenatal vitamins for women of child bearing years.  We will support other projects, such as eco-friendly stoves to replace the open fires used for cooking in their homes. 
Our goal  is to empower women with the opportunity to work their way out of poverty, to improve  their health, and to insure a better future for their children and their communities.

What We Do:

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Members of our organization make quarterly trips to villages in Guatemala (or where ever our target area is for the year) to access the needs of each village and offer ways for the women to earn money by encouraging their neighbors to take advantage of our water filtration system and our Eko-stoves.  The water system costs $25 and the stove costs $110 (the villagers currently spend $200 a year for wood to use for cooking- our stoves only use $2 worth of wood).  The women who choose to sell these items, get to keep 10% of what they make.  This helps them to be self sufficient.  The money we receive goes into making more water filtration systems and stoves.  We make NO PROFIT.  We pay NO SALARIES.  All trips are at the expense of the members who choose to travel.  100% of any donations received goes to providing these items to people who need them and helps boost their economy.

See our factory in Antiqua, Guatemala where our eco water filters are made by local Guatemalans on the blogsite

Members (and prospective members):   Check out our CALENDAR on the blogsite!

Why We're Interested:

Over 1/2 the world's population suffers dreadful illness and high mortality rates due to contaminated drinking water and indoor open fires.  Nearly 7 million people in Guatemala, mostly women and children, share the same dire conditions and are suffering the consequences.  We care.  We hope you will too.